Product Details

TL-LFP Series Lithium-ion Battery is a series of 48V battery packs utilizing advanced LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron phosphate) technology and smart integrated BMS with the benefits of long cycle life, light in weight, and compact
in size, safety, and environment friendly. TL-LFP Series Lithium-ion Battery can be used for a variety of indoor or
outdoor applications.

• Telecommunication
• UPS and IDC Datacenter
• Renewable Energy Storage System
• Other Power Backup Systems

  • Features and Advantages
  • Integrated Smart BMS
  • High Safety Ensured by Integrated Smart BMS
  • Excellent Cycle and Calendar Life
  • High Energy Density by Adopting LFP Cells
  • High Cycle Round Trip Efficiency (RTE)
  • Extendable Capacity through Parallel Connection
  • Visual SOC and Alarming Indication
  • Wide Working Temperature Range
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Perfectly Fits in Telecom Standard 19″ Cabinet
  • Easy Handling and Installation

• Voltage Monitoring and Protection
• Current Sampling and Protection
• Heat Management
• Short Circuit Protection and Recovery
• Smart SOC Estimation
• Visual LED Indicator
• Balancing Function
• Sleep and Wake Function

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