Solar Energy Solutions

Generate, Consume, Sell!

Earning without efforts is possible, now. After introducing net metering by Government of Pakistan investing in Solar Systems makes more sense.

“What is the net metering?’’, this obvious question will hit your mind. Simply, you can generate, consume and earn by selling electricity to your electric supply company. Interesting, right?

On-Grid Solar Systems

On- Grid Solar System is a widely used type of solar systems, it’s used at domestic and commercial level. On-grid Solar system is connected to the power grid and it does not require battery banks. Excess energy generated byyour on-grid system goes to the local grid of your electricity suppliers and you pay a fee-in tariff for that energy.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid systems are preferred in rural areas, where they cost cheaper than on-grid systems. Due to complex Return of Investment plans in off grid solar systems, it does not preferred as much as on grid solar system. Our engineers will analyze your site and create customized and efficient systems which will meet your needs

Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Hybrid solar systems are just like as UPS systems. This type of solar System is more suitable for those areas where load-shedding is more frequent like villages. The term “hybrid” was initially used for two sources, i.e. wind and solar, but now it refers to solar and battery storage which is connected directly to the electrical grid. A hybrid solar system works just like a common grid-tied electrical system and uses batteries to store energy for later use.

Hybrid solar systems of Hitech Network (pvt) Limited will allow consumers to store solar energy in the day and will utilize stored energy in the evening time, a time when the cost and load of electricity is at its p