Code of Conduct

Why we have a code of conduct

At Hitech Network (Pvt.) Limited we strive to be competitive because our success and that of all our partners depend on it. At the same time, we know success will be short-lived unless it is built on proper business conduct. We want success built on the  Hitech Network (Pvt) Limited principles of responsibility, respect, and determination.

These principles describe the behavior, we expect of our employees and our stakeholders. customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and the authorities have a right to expect that we conduct our business with integrity and our employees must be able to feel proud of what they have achieved a how they have achieved it.

There can be no compromises. We want Hitech Network (Pvt) Limited to be company employees are proud to work for and others admire.

Hitech Network (Pvt.) Limited Code of Conduct is a guide to the general principles that permeate our relationship with customers and other business partners, with the financial markets, in the communities where we do business, and last but not least, with each other. It is also a set of practical instructions to help employees in their day-to-day work.  It explains, for example, how to manage potential conflicts of interest and how to report suspected violations of the rules

The Code goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations.  We expect all employees to uphold the highest standard of ethical behavior and integrity. We believe that ethical and economic values are interdependent and that the business community must strive not just to operate within but also to exceed the accepted norms’-established by national and international authorities.

The Code of Conduct is our blueprint to ensure that Hitech Network (Pvt) Limited solid foundations are the key to long-term success.