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HNL have innovative and cutting-edge solutions regarding Hybrid battery controllers, remote monitoring systems and software/hardware digital monitoring and control tools. Change picture as RMS main page picture is placed in data.
Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote Monitoring and System (RMS) is an efficient way of monitoring & managing telco sites equipment remotely Using RMS system, we can achieve (but not limited to) following:

Hybrid Battery Controller

AGG HBC is used to decompose one dc voltage from a set of power supplies, into multiple dc voltages to meet differential battery packs for charging. When the battery is discharged, the HBC also carries out the combined discharge of multiple battery packs, so as to ensure multiple battery packs running at the same time or different time by means of no interaction.

GPS Anti-theft Systems

Many sites are remote and unattended, the site infrastructure easy damaged and batteries get stolen, which cause serious losses including station disconnection and unmaintainable. Conventional safeguard procedures such as iron guardrails, external positioning alarm devices and anti-theft screws are not ideal for high cost and poor concealment. With HRESYS anti-theft battery system, user can effectively curb battery theft and recover stolen battery.


Technical Parameters

Platform Interface