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AGG HBCU48-4 is used to decompose one dc voltage from a set of power supplies, into multiple dc voltages to meet differential
battery packs for charging. When the battery is discharged, the HBCU48-4also carries out the combined discharge of multiple battery packs, so as to ensure multiple battery packs running at the same time or different time by means of no interaction.

HBCU48-4 adopts to solve the isolation problem of multiple groups cascaded batteries of different types, capacities
and brands used in parallel to improve the comprehensive
operating efficiency of battery assets as well as the power system.

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Main Features:

  • Temperature compensation for VRLA Batteries.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous modes of charging/discharging.
  • No outage on transition or on controller fault. (default port continuity)
  • Genset control (start on Voltage threshold and stop on battery charging current threshold).
  • Auto CP and Genset variable charging current settings.
  • Password Protected colored Display.
  • Independent float and equalize charge voltage of each battery type.
  • Independent charge and discharge current of each battery type.
  • The technical parameters of each battery port for the differential battery pack could be set independently.
  • Real Time monitoring of operating parameters(SOC/SOH/DOD)of each battery.
  • Support the sharing of lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, and super capacitors.
  • Support lithium batteries for preferential discharging and lead-acid batteries as a backup.
  • Support lithium battery cell over-voltage, under-voltage, over current, overheat cut-off protection.
  • Support RS485/CAN communication with lithium batteries.
  • Support installation on walls, cable ladder, and embedded installation.


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