Nokia – Telenor Site Security contracted awarded to HNL for N1 and N2 regions

Owing to the far-sighted vision of our CEO, this is another step forward to broadening the horizon of services for our esteemed clientele. As always, HNL has worked to provide one window solution to its Telco clients from suppling of telco/non-telco equipment along with all kinds of services needed for efficient running of operations all across the nation.

HNL has recently launched its Asset management services wing, with the idea for providing reliable and efficient security facilities at telco sites by entering into contract with Nokia & Telenor. Since, HNL already as a wide footprint across Pakistan and by no means, we are ever out of reach from our partners and clients thus, by stepping into this venture we are making it possible for all telecom operators to grasp this opportunity to uplift their cumbersome responsibilities of keeping 24×7 eye on their sites. As always, HNL is here to help you reduce your burden, both efficiently and cost effectively.

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