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The SP5U-48200 embedded DC power supply system realizes the conversion of AC input to a stable 48V DC output with a maximum output current of 200A. Each functional unit adopts standardized size design, supports hot swapping, system height is 5U, supports standard 19 inch rack and other installation methods. The system can adapt to a wide range of AC input and has functions such as intelligent battery management and remote monitoring.
  • System
  • AC Distribution
  • DC Distribution
Dimension    (W x D x H) 482.6 mm (With mounting ears) × 330 mm × 219.5 mm
Weight ≤20 kg(Without rectifier module)
Cooling method Natural Cooling
Installation method 19-inch    (rack or embedded cabinet mount)
Incoming way Top in
Protection degree IP20
Maintenance path Front
Input 220/380  Vac 3 Phase, Compatible 220 Vac  Single
Inputout voltage 85–300   Vac, Rating voltage:220 Vac
Frequency 45–66    Hz,Rating Frequency:50/60 Hz
Input breaker 1×63 A/3P
Lightning protection 20/40 kA,8/20 μs
Output    voltage 42–58    Vdc, Rating voltage:53.5 Vdc
Maximum capacity 12 kW
Battery breaker 2 × 125 A/1P
LLVD 1 ×80 A/1P,6 ×32 A/1P
BLVD 1 ×80 A/1P,2 ×32 A/1P,1 ×10 A/1P
Lightning protection 10/20kA,8/20 μs

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