Product Details

AGG SCG series is Superior Cycle VRLA Gel battery. By combining the newly developed nano-gel electrolyte and high cyclic paste, SCG series delivers high cycle life, excellent high&low temperature performance, it is highly suited for renewable energy systems, outdoor telecom and other cyclic applications in harsh environment

  • Electrical Specifications
  • Physical Specifications
  • Features and Benefits

  • 12 years long life design at 25°C (77°F)
  • Excellent cyclic life thanks to thick plate design and advanced nano-gel technology
  • Long shelf life thanks to low self-discharge rate
  • High temperature resistance and high overcharge resistance
  • Integrated handle for easy installation
  • Two optional terminals (screw type or cable) provided for flexible installation
  • Wide temperature range operating between -40 and +60!
  • International Standards Compliance, i.e. IEC, EN, BS, CE etc.

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