Product Details

The 3000W high-efficiency solar charger (model MS483000HG1) is designed to convert PV supply voltages into stable nominal -48 V DC voltage that is adjustable to application needs. The MS483000HG1 is a constant solar charger designed with the latest patented switch mode technology, using DSP (Digital Signalling Processor) functionality for efficiency operation. This 3000W high density rectifier is ideal for outdoor enclosures and small cell applications where space is at a premium. At 39 W/in³ and only 286 mm deep, the MS483000HG1 fits into tight spaces where other rectifiers cannot. For higher load capacities rectifiers can be connected in parallel, and intelligent control can be added with the help of a separate controller.

  • Specifications
  • Physical Specifications
  • Features and Benefits

  • Solar charger, -48 VDC, 3000 W
  • High efficiency above 96% reduces power consumption for lower operating costs
  • Full power output up to +55°C and continued operation up to +75°C lowers operating cost
  • High power density (39 W/in³)
  • Reduced footprint allows installation in short-depth racks and cabinets
  • Wide input voltage range to operate in the most demanding environments
  • Hot pluggable – facilitates future expansions and easy maintenance
  • Compliant with global standards – delivers quality, performance and reliability no matter what the application or location demands

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